About Me

I'm a fourth year Computer Engineering student studying at the University of Toronto. In my spare time, I like to tinker with whatever technology I can get my hands on. My interests are generally in the world of computer hardware, but I find most things digital fascinating.

Read on to see what I've been up to. Also, feel free to check out my blog for whatever hot takes or tidbits I found interesting enough to write about. Or don't, I'm not your boss.

What I've Done


In my second year of undergraduate studies, I conducted research with the iQua Research Group working on several machine learning related projects. The findings of one such project, relating to federated learning, was published in a paper accepted into 2020 IEEE INFOCOM.

In the summer of 2020, I worked as a software developer for Geomechanica Inc, an engineering company that develops simulation software for rock mechanics. During this time, I had the opportunity to solve complex problems developing features for Irazu, their geomechanical simulation software.

Currently, I am working as a computer architecture intern at Qualcomm. During this time, I am gaining invaluable experience working on IPs for the Snapdragon's digital signal processor.


I update the listings here every so often, but for the most up-to-date info on my projects, I recommend checking out my GitHub.


What's Arcane? Well you're looking at it! Yup, it's the Zola theme I created specifically for this website. Like most of what I do, it's open-source, so feel free to check it out and even use it yourself!

Board Games

My fascination with games has long dominated my Saturdays. As a part of coursework during my undergraduate degree, I've designed an AI player for the classic game Reversi using a Monte Carlo tree search implementation. An improved re-implementation of my original AI is available through the gamesweet library, and currently plays Reversi, Connect 4, and maybe someday when I get around to it, Chess.

Game Boy

My most recent (and in-progress) project is an emulator for the original DMG-01 Game Boy. Hopefully I'll write a blog post about it when it's done. For now, it is barely runnable and doesn't normally get far past booting up.


  • Optimizing Federated Learning on Non-IID Data with Reinforcement Learning [PDF][Slides]
    Hao Wang, Zakhary Kaplan, Di Niu, Baochun Li. IEEE INFOCOM 2020.